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2017-05-31 21:27:43

The u‑blox GNSS Android solution enables customers to easily integrate and evaluate GNSS functionality in their Android‑based end products. The solution includes A‑GNSS capabilities for high performance GNSS as well as terminal and network based positioning on mobile operator networks.

The u‑blox Android evaluation app, which is part of the Android Solution, is a stand‑alone application for evaluating the performance of the embedded GNSS receiver in Android devices (u‑blox receivers and others).

The u‑blox Android GNSS Solution is available free of charge. The royalty‑free u‑blox Android GNSS driver is licensed for reuse in customer products and available from u‑blox upon request. The u‑center Android solution supports all USB/UART, DDC, SPI based u‑blox 5 to u‑blox M8 GNSS receivers and works with Android versions 2.3 to 5.1.

Product Information

  • Allows easy integration of GNSS functionality in Android‑based products

  • Royalty‑free GNSS driver, licensed for reuse in customer products

  • Provides a powerful GNSS evaluation and visualization app

Further information

Download the free u‑center for Android GNSS evaluation application:

Google Play Store

u-center Android
u-center Android